New Jersey May Is in Position to Offer Sports Betting

With the New Jersey Legislature just returns from their break for spring break, New Jersey is once again in a position where they may be poised to follow in the footsteps of Nevada. They have already enacted bills that would allow live horse racing. More than any other horse sport, equine racing has made it possible for thousands of people to get in on the action and so many people are actually making a career out of it. The bottom line is, with a little help from state legislators, you can bet on horses in New Jersey.

when will nj offer sports betting

For decades, horses have been getting a bad rap, but now that number has gone up to times ten thousand people are working in the industry in New Jersey. In fact, more people are employed at the top racetracks in the country than at any other kind of establishment. When this industry goes mainstream, you can bet on horses in New Jersey.

There has been some movement on the part of New Jersey towards these kinds of new laws. After the last legislative session ended, Governor Christie pushed back his opponents and they were able to push through a bill to legalize sports betting. As far as we know, this bill is still under consideration, but there has been a lot of talk about how to proceed from here.

New Jersey is the excellent folks and there is a lot of good working to keep things moving forward. The state legislature is holding two hearings this week on the matter, so as always, do your homework and find out what your legislators have to say.

We could say that horse racing, especially at the highest levels, has done some amazing things for the society at large, and we’re not just talking about the people who make a living out of it. It has also provided jobs for people from all walks of life. This is especially true for women, which is really good because we don’t see enough women in this field.

Unfortunately, with the high numbers of people involved in live betting, it has also been responsible for a lot of jackpot events going into the black. The other aspect is that live betting has become a lot less legit and the cost of entry has increased significantly.

Hopefully, New Jersey will soon have new rules that regulate this industry. There has to be a limit on the number of people allowed to bet on a single race. It should also be easier to file for a license to place a bet.