What Are the Possible Violations of the Mississippi Sports Betting Statute?

mississippi sports betting statute

What Are the Possible Violations of the Mississippi Sports Betting Statute?

Mississippi law makes it illegal to bet on sports without the permission of the state. Although the statute is not a law in and of itself, its absence has allowed gamblers in the state to circumvent the law by using a number of tactics, such as writing incorrect betting lines, and writing false columns and blogs about sports, which are then re-posted by other people online.

Many states have their own statutes regulating sports betting. However, Mississippi sports betting statute does not appear to be different from other statutes. Therefore, anyone in the state who bets with the help of false information can be prosecuted for a crime under Mississippi’s penal code.

In certain instances, the statute could still apply. One example would be if the writer of the sports lines were running an illegal gambling operation. If they were using the information for that purpose, then a penalty could be imposed. However, that would depend on whether the bettors knew about the illegal activities being performed and did nothing to stop them.

It is unlawful to bet on sports in Mississippi without the permission of the state. This may be enforced through a civil action, criminal prosecution, or both.

If you are convicted of violating the statute, there is a legal defense. A few betting statutes provide for a “clear and present danger” defense to be used to defend a crime. The idea behind this defense is that it allows the defendant to argue that the person did not know that the information provided was false or misleading, but believed it to be true at the time.

This may be a plausible defense to use because there is no clear and present danger in situations where the underlying information is in error. For example, a person may be guilty of betting on a baseball game even though he believed the game to be played between the Cardinals and Pirates, despite the fact that the game actually was played between the Braves and Giants.

Another statute on the books in Mississippi makes it illegal to bet on a horse race if one knows that the jockey is not running well. As long as the jockey is in fact not running well, it is only illegal to bet based on the horse’s name, so long as the writer of the column or blog includes the jockey’s name. This might seem like a gray area of the law, but the statute is fairly clear that a person cannot bet on a horse without knowing if the horse is running poorly.

In addition to the sports betting laws in the state, Mississippi also has gambling laws. These may be used to defend a violation of the sports betting statute.