Mississippi Legalizes Sports Betting

Will Mississippi legalize sports betting? The state constitution clearly states that no person may be discriminated against for any reason.

Although the Mississippi constitution does not specifically spell out what discrimination or mistreatment could constitute discrimination or mistreatment, the state constitution does make it clear that those who enforce Mississippi’s state laws must do so in a fair and impartial manner. As such, all employees and law enforcement officials in the state of Mississippi must follow and enforce the Mississippi gambling laws and regulations fairly and equally.

Those who think that this means that a casino would be allowed to refuse service to gay people or not hire a woman with children may not be able to find justice in the court of public opinion. However, the evidence of discrimination and mistreatment by casinos’ owners cannot be ignored.

Recently, many owners of small or new casinos found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit from another casino. This casino could be located anywhere in the state of Mississippi, but when this casino owner lost his casino, he sued the owner of the other casino, claiming that the smaller casino’s owners had discriminated against him by making him leave. Both casinos were willing to play the game, but one had to be the winner.

This is where the problems begin, because the casino owner could have picked any casino to play in, but he could have picked a local casino in the state of Mississippi and the court of public opinion would have looked favorably upon him. This is why there are lawsuits against casinos, even if the casino owners did not discriminate against anyone.

There was also a fight between two fighters, and in the end, a judge ruled that the fighter who lost the fight should not receive a percentage of the winnings, despite the fact that the fighter had been holding the winning hand for some time. Atthis point, the court of public opinion takes over, because of the same discrimination. So, any argument that a casino has used to defend itself from discrimination lawsuits may be argued on the same grounds as cases of discrimination.

For those who are against sports betting and doing so only in a state with no law against it, they can simply say that it is unfair to treat casino owners differently than race car drivers, or women. But, what about those owners of the other casinos, who use the same legal principles to discriminate? Perhaps the legal system in Mississippi, and throughout the country, would do well to make these owners realize that this legal principle applies to them as well.

If nothing else, it would be better than the argument that sports betting only happens in states that have a monopoly on sports betting. Then again, the legal system in the state of Mississippi, and across the country, must work hard to find equal justice for all, regardless of skin color, gender, religion, political views, etc.